When You Can Bring About Lasting Change at the Core Levels of an Organization, it Lays the Groundwork for Huge Sparks of Innovation,
Passion and Inspiration Across all Departments. That's what we do.

Corporations, Schools and Communities who enlist our help, experience a powerful learning platform allowing them to create permanent positive changes in vital relationships, teamwork and community initiatives — all of which result in a measurable increase in impact and your bottom line.

And this isn’t just theory.
We’ve based our groundbreaking methods on years of research and proven practice - you can be confident that our experiential training programs will make your teams shine as both team members and as individuals, long after the work day is done. Simply put, while others are sitting in meetings talking about what to do next, we work with you to get it done, and we do it in a way that gets your people engaged.  Every time.

We create the context for relevant learning using a range of skillfully facilitated activities that successfully:
» Unlock Personal and Collective Potential
» Promote Engagement and Self-Awareness
» Heighten Group Synergy
» Accelerate Positive Change


team development consulting

How Do We Do It?
Simple. By Providing Programs Abundant with Relevance, Creativity and Unprecedented Effectiveness

Invariably there’s always someone wherever we go. Someone who raises their hand and wants to know our secrets.  They want to peek behind the curtain to see how it all works. After all, our track record speaks for itself.  So many satisfied clients, so many lives and attitudes altered; it's  no wonder there’s a bit of mystery about it all. But there's no mystery.
EVERY PROGRAM MATCHES GROUP OBJECTIVES with relevant, cutting edge, experiential learning modules, and the results are nothing short of phenomenal.

To facilitate deep and effective skill development, our work can utilize the following specialized techniques:
» Simulations and Adventure Experiences
» Powerful Rhythm-based Team Development
» Expressive Arts Practices and Vital Wellness Programs

Here’s the bottom line: 
If your people are directly involved in the learning process, change happens, growth happens, skills are built. 
If they can feel and experience the process, it's simply more fun, and more effective. 
This isn’t a secret sauce, it’s simply the foundation for excellence, and it’s what we live by every day.